Announcements and Updates

I spoke with WNYC about the challenges faced by Women of Color in Politics here!

I offered some thoughts on the Municipal and School Board Elections in Columbia, MO here on @KBIA!

I am quoted here talking about the historic election of Lori Lightfoot in Chicago!

I was on MPR News discussing the Bernie Sanders announcement. Check it out here!

The Memphis City Council appointed three new African Americans to the council. I shared some thoughts here!

I was on KBIA talking about Local Government in Columbia, Mo.

Why I think local politics matters here!

Politics and the holidays: Set ground rules and expectations before you sit down to eat!

One more segment on BBC World News to re-cap the Midterm Elections here!

Missouri Senate Race Coverage here and here!

I was featured on a segment with BBC World News talking about the Missouri Senate Race. I appeared as a regular voter and I asked to be the non-partisan voice! Check it out here!

Check out this Podcast! The American Ingredient with Eric McDaniel (and available on Stitcher and Google Play)!

Check this out: I am quoted in this article about Black Mayors!

Check out Episode 6: Multi-Racial Electoral Coalitions for Minority Candidates with the Niskanen Center Podcast!

Check out this interview I did for The State of Things!

Check out this Op-Ed about the 2017 Elections in Durham!

Check this story on the 2015 Elections in Durham!

Check out this Op-Ed about Turnout in Durham!

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